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Learn How to Get a Job

Career Coach Pros will guide you so your resume is tight, your LinkedIn profile great, and interview skills on point — to get the jobs and internships you want.

Here’s How

Interview Power Package

3 Sessions – $549

  • Create Your Elevator Pitch 
  • Strong Resume + great LinkedIn Profile
  • How to Win the Interview Coaching

Resume-LinkedIn Upgrade Package

2 Sessions – $249

  • Share the job descriptions you’re interviewing for
  • A Resume makeover so it stands out!
  • Upgraded LinkedIn Profile

Build Your Personal Brand

“It’s not what they say about you when you’re in the room, it’s what they say when you leave.”

 – Jeff Bezos

Make positive first impressions and stand out when you leave the room or the Zoom!

Here’s How

Our personal branding workshop will help you learn your strengths and how to tell your story so you make lasting impressions. Employers will perceive you as ready to go!

My Brand Power Program

4 Sessions

  • Personal Brand Coaching
  • Core Values + Behavioral Assessment
  • Create Strong Resume, Cover Letters
  • Compelling LinkedIn Profile
  • Your Elevator Pitch / Story
  • Create A Job Search Plan
  • How to Interview — Virtual and Online

You Will Learn…

How to overcome those side conversations with yourself that say:

Build Your Brand

Help for Parents!

You invested in their success. Now you can help them cross the finish line.

Get our Parent’s Guide!

“I learned more in 90 minutes from Mr. Thompson on how to prepare myself for the job market than I did in 4 years of college.” Kyle, 2016 Graduate, University of South Carolina
“He gave me the information on what employers are looking for — from my resume to how I presented myself, and the types of questions interviewers would ask. I was ready, and I got the job.” Corey, 2015 Graduate, Temple University
“He took the stress and worry out of my job search during his training sessions. I was so well prepared I was looking forward to interviews instead of dreading them.” Andie, 2016 Graduate, West Virginia University
“I had the pleasure of being mentored by Mr. Thompson during a pivotal time in my career. His advice and encouragement helped get me back in the workforce. Each conversation was like a breath of fresh air because of his energy and interest in my success.” Corrine, 2008 Graduate, Temple University
“I was really unsure that what I learned in college about getting a job was enough. It wasn’t. He helped me understand how to present my strengths and experience to match the jobs I interviewed for.” Riley, 2017 Graduate, Santa Clara University
“I wasted a lot of time searching online for resume and job interview tips. Mr. Thompson’s training made it happen for me. He taught me exactly what I needed to do to stand out the right way.” Tom, 2014 Graduate, Saint Joseph’s University
“Through this program, I was able to revamp my resume and sharpen my focus to land my first job.” Bryan, 2015 Graduate, Masters’ Program, University of Michigan
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