David talks with the networking tour-de-force and multimedia star, Ashley Owens, about how she created the concept of “Networking Concierge,” the origins of her networking company Ashley Assists, tips to be a power networker, “Dunbar’s Number” and so much more. Get to her website to absorb invaluable networking tips and content.

Episode Highlights

  1. How Ashley Assists got started with one event and a four-hour drive to State College Pennsylvania.
  2. How a 15-minute conversation at a tech event helped one woman start her company.
  3. The power of having an advocate and support system with you during events.
  4. What business-development-for-hire looks like.
  5. The stories and learnings from Ashley’s cocktails and conversations event.
  6. How to be a good power networker.
  7. Networking is maintaining and doing your research before you talk to somebody.
  8. What Ashely wishes she knew about networking when she was first getting started.
  9. The difference between introverts and extroverts and how they network.
  10. A typical day for Ashley Owens.
  11. The value of knowing your unique skill set and how to use it to your advantage.
  12. Ashley’s top 3 tips for networking.
  13. Dunbar’s Number and how it applies to your professional network.
  14. The importance of giving back.
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