Women leaders are more perceptive and build stronger personal brands than men, says Karl Speak. Karl shares the science and research on women leaders and personal branding based on their naturally perceptive capabilities, and much more.


Episode Highlights

  1. This conversation highlights the research findings about how women build stronger personal brands.
  2. The rising growth and impact women leaders are having on the business world.
  3. Relationship building is a natural strength of women.
  4. There are some natural, scientific-based reasons why women are better leaders – higher emotional intelligence and being naturally perceptive.
  5. 55% of women agreed with the statement: “Sometimes I’m concerned how someone perceives me that I spent too much time focused on why does he or she perceive me that way, as opposed to what am I doing that’s creating that perception”.
  6. Nearly 60% of women in the study agreed with the statement: “Sometimes I am too critical, which causes me to second guess myself and hold back my comments or actions which can limit my ability to make a contribution.”
  7. 70% of women agreed with the following statement “Sometimes I feel like women are more competitive with other women than they are with men.”
  8. How Karl’s research reinforces the fact that women have a special quality when it comes to perceptions and perception management.
  9. Women’s perceptual skills give them a leg up and enhance their abilities in terms of relationship-building skills — they have higher degrees of empathy.
  10. How to change the perceptions people have about you.
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