David and Karl Speak talk Personal Branding for young adults. In today’s tumultuous world, the value of establishing a strong personal brand is essential, especially for those launching careers. Find out how to stand out based on your strengths and values!

Episode Highlights

  1. The value and importance of establishing your personal brand today.
  2. Why every student needs to create their personal brand now.
  3. Tips on building a strong personal brand for students and young adults.
  4. If you’re starting your career right now, why you need to focus on building your brand.
  5. 3 things to remember if you’re an emerging leader or young professional looking for a job.
  6. Top tips for people looking for a job or trying to advance in their careers.
  7. Personal branding is all about building relationships.
  8. The evolution of maintaining and managing relationships.
  9. Karl’s 3 step process for sifting through the right and wrong advice on brand building.
  10. Social media self promotion is not personal branding, here’s why
  11. What is a strong personal brand looks like.
  12. The power of learning about who you are and how to apply yourself.
  13. Consistency is the hallmark of all strong personal brands.
  14. The value of personal branding for entrepreneurs is indispensable.
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