David and the godfather of personal branding, Karl Speak, talk about the Power of Perception — why it matters to your personal brand, how to create positive first impressions, and ensure you’re being perceived accurately to build trust and loyalty.

Episode Highlights

  1. What perception is and where the phrase “Perception is Reality” comes from.
  2. Perception research shows that most people are worse at making positive impressions than they think.
  3. There is a long list of benefits when people actively manage perceptions and are perceived correctly.
  4. The importance of writing down three perceptions that you want to create whenever you’re meeting with someone.
  5. Here’s why perception matters in building a personal brand.
  6. Perception Management is critical.
  7. Karl’s research shows that individuals have a greater sense of purpose in their life when they are perceived accurately.
  8. The importance of authenticity and how it helps you build trust with others.
  9. The Perception Gap.
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