Turn Students into Young Professionals…
Before they Apply for a Job

Here’s How

We Offer

  • Course Curriculum Consulting
  • Personal Branding Workshops
  • Career Development Events
  • Skills Coaching Sessions

We work with:

  • College Leadership
  • Career Counseling
  • Athletic Departments
  • Greek Organizations
  • Student Clubs

Choose Your
Program Modules

  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Creating Job Search and Job Toolkit
  • Interview & Presentation Skills Coaching
  • Today’s Job Market & Hiring Process
  • Networking, Relationship Marketing
  • Financial Planning
  • Workplace Standards & Behavior
  • Emotional & Social Maturity
  • Professional Dining Etiquette
  • Grooming Style
  • Nutrition & Wellness
“I learned more in 90 minutes from Mr. Thompson on how to prepare myself for the job market than I did in 4 years of college.” Kyle, 2016 Graduate, University of South Carolina
“He gave me the information on what employers are looking for — from my resume to how I presented myself, and the types of questions interviewers would ask. I was ready, and I got the job.” Corey, 2015 Graduate, Temple University
“He took the stress and worry out of my job search during his training sessions. I was so well prepared I was looking forward to interviews instead of dreading them.” Andie, 2016 Graduate, West Virginia University
“I had the pleasure of being mentored by Mr. Thompson during a pivotal time in my career. His advice and encouragement helped get me back in the workforce. Each conversation was like a breath of fresh air because of his energy and interest in my success.” Corrine, 2008 Graduate, Temple University
“I was really unsure that what I learned in college about getting a job was enough. It wasn’t. He helped me understand how to present my strengths and experience to match the jobs I interviewed for.” Riley, 2017 Graduate, Santa Clara University
“I wasted a lot of time searching online for resume and job interview tips. Mr. Thompson’s training made it happen for me. He taught me exactly what I needed to do to stand out the right way.” Tom, 2014 Graduate, Saint Joseph’s University
“Through this program, I was able to revamp my resume and sharpen my focus to land my first job.” Bryan, 2015 Graduate, Masters’ Program, University of Michigan
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