In this episode, David talks with the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs at WVU in the Chambers College of Business and Economics about how the college student has evolved, expectations and realities during the pandemic, helping students understand their values and how they want to project their personal brand and more.

Episode Highlights

  1. The younger generation questions the value of college more – student loan crisis
  2. The younger generation seems to have a more difficult time making decisions for themselves
  3. Technology allows them to be constantly connected- a huge number of people that help them make decisions
  4. Sometimes thinking for themselves has to be nurtured because they are fearful of doing things without consulting their collective
  5. Students often don’t realize the impact their everyday decisions are having on their brand
  6. if they want to be considered as hardworking and dedicated, then coming late to class and turning in assignments late or missing them is creating a different brand for them.
  7. Most of them at this age aren’t connecting the two – they think that my brand is something I’ll figure out later.
  8. It starts now – you are establishing your brand with your faculty, a lot of career opportunities happen through networking, and your faculty could play a role in that.
  9. I look at my everyday as a problem solver/ fixer – look at the way things are done and then make them better.
  10. I’m a Student advocate – if there’s a policy, or a procedure, or hurdle that stands in the way of student success, I want to remove it or fix it
  11. I feel the same way about my team. I want to make sure that they have what they need to do their job well, that they have the support that they need, that they have professional development opportunities that they feel appreciated, engaged, they know their importance.
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