David Thompson talks with Employee Benefits Consultant at Hardenbergh Insurance Group, Doug Holcombe, about beginning to build your personal brand, overcoming the fear of failure, how to choose valuable people to network with, and more.

Episode Highlights

  1. Seek mentorship from people who have had experience and people that have had success
  2. Be a sponge absorbing information and make sure you’re absorbing it from the right source
  3. Seek out people who authentically want to help, someone who will be real, and someone you can trust
  4. Common mistakes in networking and advice
  5. Don’t get caught in the excuse of inaction – networking is a necessary part of what you do, regardless of your role – don’t talk yourself out of it
  6. Choose your network partners wisely- makes the process easier and more natural
  7. Protect your network- let people in if they align with your core values
  8. Don’t fear failure- go explore the world of endless possibilities that the career path can offer you
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask others for their time and their help- people are willing you just have to ask
  10. Don’t be afraid to call the big-name people: they have seen much more / can offer much more
  11. Don’t be tentative; just jump in
  12. Start thinking about what you’re interested in pursuing and don’t let others dictate what you’re passionate about
  13. Explore all kinds of different things- explore your creative faculties
  14. Have your own voice and discover it for yourself; don’t let others discover it for you
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