Career Development Training

that Fuels Personal Growth

and Career Success


Career Development Training that Fuels Personal Growth & Career Success

The Plan, Insights and Coaching to Guide Your Success

Your Success Formula

Launch yourself with a plan and an edge!  Understand your brand and your values, and how to create a positive first impression and a compelling online presence. Learn to present yourself with confidence and clarity, with your toolkit and roadmap for success. Crush interviews, create connections, capitalize on opportunities!


Develop a Personal Brand that represents the Best Possible You — genuine and real, based on your unique strengths, goals and values. In this phase you:

  • Select your core values
  • Build your personal brand platform
  • Create your personal brand promise
  • Learn how it fits into your career ideas

How do people perceive you? After a Peer Assessment Survey you’ll know.  The power of perception is discussed, and why it’s a skill needed in your professional development. Here’s what you’ll be working on:

  • Creating positive first impressions and leave lasting ones
  • Understanding body language and reading others’ perceptions of you
  • Correcting misconceptions or strengthening positive perceptions
  • Ensuring you come across positively and with impact


Your Personal Brand is the foundation for your professional profile and skills to be memorable online and in person.  You’ll find out to expect in the business world, the process to landing internships, jobs and getting promotions. Included in this phase is:

  • Elevator Pitch, your “Who Am I” introduction for every situation
  • A strong LinkedIn Profile, and meaningful social media presence
  • Writing Resumes that recruiters and hiring managers want to see
  • Creating Cover Letters to use for each interviews and networking
  • Learn about online application process to How to Apply online
  • Networking to build connections, find mentors and create future job opportunities
  • Insight on what HR leaders and Recruiters value in their talent search


Research and preparation are keys to interviewing genuinely and effectively. Coming across as someone who is ready to step in and add value. We get you ready for the process, knowing what you need to do to stand out and succeed in the job market. We cover:

  • Do’s & Don’ts of interviewing
  • What to research and how to prepare
  • Interview skills training and question preparation
  • Mock interviews & evaluation
  • Interview follow-up plan
  • Negotiating and closing your deal


Presenting the Best Possible You means consciously delivering real value in person and online, day in and day out. Knowing how to maximize connections and opportunities in every facet of your life for recommendations, referrals and career growth.

  • Events, communities and networks for professional and personal development
  • Leveraging connections and influencers to grow your network and “fan base”
  • Creating “social capital” that will grow your Personal Brand and your career
  • Being a giver and connector who makes a difference

Choose Your Training

Individuals / Small Group

Up to 5 coaching or skills training sessions designed for your goals and needs.  Coaching benefits and results:


A job search plan, and your personal brand


Insight on how you’re perceived, from a survey of your peers


Strong LinkedIn profile, great resume, cover letters that work


Interview skills training and mock interviews


Learning to network and create connections & relationships that help

$500 – $1,500* USD

Workshops for Higher Ed / HR

Workshops and career acceleration seminars for higher ed institutions, professional groups, HR employee training. We tailor the experience, format and deliverables to goals of the audience and organization.


Structured for half-day, full day or weekly training


Focused training and interactive presentations with breakout sessions and group exercises


Understanding your personal brand and learning to manage the power of perceptions


HR training for young professionals in customer-facing roles: account managers, consultants, etc.

$1,500 – $5,000* USD

*Need something more specific? We custom training based on your needs.

Parents … Listen Up!

You did everything you could to get them into college!  SAT tutoring, sports, dance and theater training.  But colleges don’t prep them for the last mile: how to prepare, interview, get hired.  Give them the ultimate advantage now — Belief in themselves, their talent, their future — with in-depth 1:1 coaching for the business world.


Colleges Don't Teach this!

Colleges rarely offer courses on how to get a job, what to expect in the interview process, how to prepare and follow-up, and stand out from the others.


Unprepared to Get a Job

Beyond having a resume, most students don’t understand the job search process, assets or skills they need, including what expectations employers have for their candidates.


Socially Awkward?

Can your students get their face of of the phone, make eye contact, connect genuinely?  Social skills are vital so they can communicate well, create relationships and be confident with others.


No Experience

No one expects great experience out of college — they hire on promise, poise, intelligence and ability to relate.  We help students create and share their stories, so employers understand their potential value.


No Search or Growth Plan

Young adults too often operate without a plan or direction. No plan, no focus = frustration and little success.  We create a search plan so job hunt is coordinated and successful.

Happy Clients

“I learned more in 90 minutes from Mr. Thompson on how to prepare myself for the job market than I did in 4 years of college.” Kyle, 2016 Graduate, University of South Carolina
“He gave me the information on what employers are looking for — from my resume to how I presented myself, and the types of questions interviewers would ask. I was ready, and I got the job.” Corey, 2015 Graduate, Temple University
“He took the stress and worry out of my job search during his training sessions. I was so well prepared I was looking forward to interviews instead of dreading them.” Andie, 2016 Graduate, West Virginia University
“I had the pleasure of being mentored by Mr. Thompson during a pivotal time in my career. His advice and encouragement helped get me back in the workforce. Each conversation was like a breath of fresh air because of his energy and interest in my success.” Corrine, 2008 Graduate, Temple University
“I was really unsure that what I learned in college about getting a job was enough. It wasn’t. He helped me understand how to present my strengths and experience to match the jobs I interviewed for.” Riley, 2017 Graduate, Santa Clara University
“I wasted a lot of time searching online for resume and job interview tips. Mr. Thompson’s training made it happen for me. He taught me exactly what I needed to do to stand out the right way.” Tom, 2014 Graduate, Saint Joseph’s University
“Through this program, I was able to revamp my resume and sharpen my focus to land my first job.” Bryan, 2015 Graduate, Masters’ Program, University of Michigan

Who We Are

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson

The inspiration for Career Coach Pros comes from thousands of students and young adults who’ve asked hundreds of questions about their future, asked for help and guidance on how to prepare, and shared their insecurities and fears. This service is designed so they can pursue the next level with purpose, direction and confidence.

David Thompson

  • 30+ years as a professional communicator and marketing leader for Fortune 500 companies like Intel, Comcast, Philips Electronics, Sony Ericsson Mobile
  • President of Bongo Marketing & Media LLC
  • 7 years as Adjunct Professor at Temple University
  • Mentor in Philly Ad Club Mentoring Program
  • Stepdad, Uncle & Godfather to 15 wonderful people

My Personal Brand Mentor

Karl Speak is an innovator in Personal Branding, having co-authored the best-selling book, Be Your Own Brand, in 1999 which has now been translated into 12 languages. After working with Karl and being inspired by his book, I began integrating it into Temple advertising courses to prepare students for the world ahead. Karl’s ongoing insights about all things brand are available at

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College don’t students and young adults how to get a job, prepare for the business world, stand out in the job hunt and succeed in the interview process. Learn about the biggest mistakes how to overcome the to get jobs, promotions, and the career you want!

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College don’t students and young adults how to get a job, prepare for the business world, stand out in the job hunt and succeed in the interview process. Learn about the biggest mistakes how to overcome the to get jobs, promotions, and the career you want!

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