How to Build Your Personal Brand and Grow Your Career

The Plan, Insights and Coaching to Guide Your Success

How We Help

Students & Recent Graduates

We teach you what colleges don’t – how to Get a Job!
  • Personal brand development coaching
  • Job search plan and research
  • Elevator pitch & presentation skills
  • Linkedin profile, resume & cover letters
  • Interview coaching & mock interviews
  • Networking to build relationships
  • Learning to be memorable
Student Focused Workshops

Individual Coaching

Small Groups

Team Presentations

Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Promotions, transitions, new businesses – get Career Momentum


  • Build your powerful personal brand
  • Get the job promotions you want
  • Make career transitions through your network


  • Create a personal leadership brand
  • Build an investor network
  • Launch and grow businesses

Career Acceleration

Job Transition Programs

Entrepreneur Brand Workshops

Companies & Organizations

Offer Employee Development with Impact.


  • Coach up client relationship skills
  • Increase leadership skills & productivity of workforce
  • Improve company culture and teamwork


  • Increase professional development opportunities
  • Create a more engaged staff
  • Expand value of membership & enrollment


  • Motivate staff and volunteers morale and organization culture
  • Provide branding and relationship skills coaching
  • Boost volunteerism and donation with interpersonal skills training
Professional Development Training

Career Training Workshops

Team Coaching in the Workplace

CLE and CPE Credit

Educational Institutions

Don’t waste a great education – Get Students Prepared to Get Jobs.
  • Career coaching that strengthens knowledge & confidence
  • Sharpen interview and presentation skills
  • Ensure they have the right resume + online profile
  • Inform students about the job search process
  • Understand expectations in the business world
  • Increase your institution’s job placement rates
  • Enhance new student recruitment & retention
  • Help boost Alumni Association enrollment
Schedule Career Skill Coaching

Student-to-Young Professional Workshops

Career Development Courses

Curriculum Consulting

Why Personal Brand Matters

What do others experience from you? Are you:

If you’re checking any of the boxes in the right column…

How It Works

The foundation of your future is four stages of self discovery, personal branding and career planning.


The Experience of You

The essentials of Personal Branding, why it matters to your future career and life.
Our Self-Discovery Assessments determine your strengths, values and goals.
Power of Perception: how people already perceive you vs. how you perceive yourself.

Turn Doubt Into Confidence



Your Personal Brand

Define and design your Brand and craft your 30-second elevator story.
Create your Personal Brand assets: resume, you social media brand, LinkedIn profile and more.
Understand how to make powerful first impressions and stand out … in any situation.
Improve interview and presentation skills in our Interview 360 program.

Brand to Expand



The Plan to Win

Get follow-up plan for interviews, with cover letters and strategies to break through.
Learn to Network effectively to grow connections, relationships and opportunities.
Create your Personal Marketing Plan, with a playbook to expand your brand online.
Plans for Athletes after sports, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Career Transition.

Turn Unprepared into Focused



Personal Brand Power

A strong Personal Brand + brand marketing plan = clear direction for your future.
The right approach and resources to be organized and intentional in your branding.
Build your circle of Mentors and your own personal Board of Directors.
You’ll know how to become a Giver, Influencer and Difference Maker.

Turn Invisible into Memorable


Happy Clients

“Branding for Startups and Entrepreneurs”

Passionate Marketers Philadelphia

“The Art of Consulting: Building and Growing Client Relationships”

Optymyze, Sales Performance
Management Training

“How to Find a Job & Grow a Career”

College of William and Mary
Sigma Alpha Epsilon

“Building Client Services, Relationships, Revenue”

Maass Media (acquired by HeroDigital)
Weekly Training Workshops

“Personal Branding in a Multinational Business World”

Eyes Italia
Master of Digital Business Management Program

“Personal Branding and Career Development”

Temple University Klein College
Adjunct Professor, Personal Branding

Doug Holcombe: Discovering Your Own Voice

Doug Holcombe: Discovering Your Own Voice

David Thompson talks with Employee Benefits Consultant at Hardenbergh Insurance Group, Doug Holcombe, about beginning to build your personal brand, overcoming the fear of failure, how to choose valuable people to network with, and...

Ashley Owens: Power Networking 101

Ashley Owens: Power Networking 101

David talks with the networking tour-de-force and multimedia star, Ashley Owens, about how she created the concept of "Networking Concierge," the origins of her networking company Ashley Assists, tips to be a power networker, “Dunbar’s Number” and so much more. Get to...

“I learned more in 90 minutes from Mr. Thompson on how to prepare myself for the job market than I did in 4 years of college.” Kyle, 2016 Graduate, University of South Carolina
“He gave me the information on what employers are looking for — from my resume to how I presented myself, and the types of questions interviewers would ask. I was ready, and I got the job.” Corey, 2015 Graduate, Temple University
“He took the stress and worry out of my job search during his training sessions. I was so well prepared I was looking forward to interviews instead of dreading them.” Andie, 2016 Graduate, West Virginia University
“I had the pleasure of being mentored by Mr. Thompson during a pivotal time in my career. His advice and encouragement helped get me back in the workforce. Each conversation was like a breath of fresh air because of his energy and interest in my success.” Corrine, 2008 Graduate, Temple University
“I was really unsure that what I learned in college about getting a job was enough. It wasn’t. He helped me understand how to present my strengths and experience to match the jobs I interviewed for.” Riley, 2017 Graduate, Santa Clara University
“I wasted a lot of time searching online for resume and job interview tips. Mr. Thompson’s training made it happen for me. He taught me exactly what I needed to do to stand out the right way.” Tom, 2014 Graduate, Saint Joseph’s University
“Through this program, I was able to revamp my resume and sharpen my focus to land my first job.” Bryan, 2015 Graduate, Masters’ Program, University of Michigan
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